Green energy – cost-effective and aesthetically-pleasing

Green energy or ‘renewable’ energy is a great alternative to traditional ways of generating energy in home and the many technologies, such as solar panels and biomass systems can have a range of benefits, both for your pocket and for the environment!

Solar panels, for instance, absorb sunlight and store it – generating electricity. These can be placed on the ground or on your roof and as well as reducing your carbon footprint, this can save you money.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, a home solar system can result in saving over a tonne of carbon dioxide a year and can knock £100s or even thousands off your energy bills.

For many people though, the ‘ugly’ look of solar panels has been a factor putting them off. Good news, the technology has moved on! Depending on the space you have and the look you’re going for – these can sit completely flush to your roof – adding to the aesthetic of your home, as well as saving you money.

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